Eight Tips for a Return-to-the-Workforce Job Search

I just finished running a Job Seeker Workshop series and many attendees were moms (and dads) looking to return to the workforce. For some, it’s been 5 years since they last worked in their field, for others, closer to 15. When a parent leaves the workforce, the demands of raising young children and the sheer economics, often make staying home a better option.... Keep Reading »

When to Know When You Need to Say “No”

Saying “No” can be an emotionally loaded experience. Just the thought of having to say “No” often brings on a level of anxiety. We don’t want to let others down. We’re worried what people will think of our decision. We agonize over whether we’re doing the right thing. We wonder if it will be too uncomfortably long before we’ll get the opportunity again to say “Yes.”... Keep Reading »

When a Traditional Job Isn’t for You Anymore

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Lisa K. Moore. For over 15 years, I have worked as an inbound marketing strategist. I truly love the work I do, and had a strong desire to continue growing and stretching myself professionally. About a year ago, I had an epiphany — my job, or any new job, wasn’t a place where I could grow and develop to my fullest... Keep Reading »

Be the Best YOU!

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Suze Solari. Did you know that the way you dress and present yourself affects the way you feel, and then contributes to the results you get?   My name is Suze Solari and I help people just like you, upgrade their wardrobe so they look and feel amazing and have confidence everywhere they go. I am thrilled to be guest... Keep Reading »

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

A client of mine just experienced a job-search fairytale. Although I usually take a writing break over the summer and instead ask guest bloggers to share tips and advice, I just had to write about this amazing, real-life Cinderella story. Because you can’t make this stuff up. In mid-June I engaged with a new client: Let’s call him “Dave.” Dave had been going at his... Keep Reading »

Fortune 500 to Tech Startup: Lessons Learned

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Andrea Goodwin. One year ago, I took a leap of faith. In fairness, that leap was more of a slow crawl to the edge because I’m not the sort of person that leaps freely without doing a lot of thinking and planning. Regardless, I did it. I left my “Fortune 500, 401k matching, predictable annual bonus” job and took a... Keep Reading »

Interviews Don’t Work

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Greg Roche. Interviewing is Broken. Here’s the strategy you can use to stand out from the crowd. Research shows that interviews are unreliable for predicting whether or not a candidate will become a successful employee.  In fact, the odds of hiring managers picking their next rock star employee based on the interview... Keep Reading »

Climbing the Corporate Jungle Gym: Rethinking Your Career Progression Strategy

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Amy Haddon. When I graduated from college back in (gulp) 1996, I felt pretty clueless about what I was going to do with myself professionally.  Unlike college students today, who are often given ample opportunity to look for internships and make inroads with future employers, I hadn’t had a lot of chances to explore... Keep Reading »

The Quick Fix: What to do When You Need to Dust off Your Résumé Unexpectedly

This post comes courtesy of greyzone’s Resume Writer, Beth Kujawski. Opportunities can surface when you least expect them. Recently, I was chatting with someone who said, “A week ago, I wasn’t looking for a job.” He has seniority. His job pays well. It’s near his home. He works for a large company. He has job security. His bosses appreciate that he steps up... Keep Reading »

Baseball season is here! Do you have your walk-up song ready?

Yesterday was the Cubs home opener, and being a Chicagoan, that’s a pretty big deal these days. I fell in love with the game living in Colorado during the Blake Street Bomber years. Watching baseball greats like Larry Walker and Dante Bichette hit balls consistently out of the park (partly thanks to the mile high air) made me a fan for life. That was also when... Keep Reading »