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What’s next in my career?

Careers, like life, present many challenges. There are a lot of grey areas. Which opportunities should you take and which should you skip? Determining which path to choose and which goals to pursue can cause anxiety and stress. That’s where greyzone can help—find your way out of the greyzone and in to career success and fulfillment.

Who is career advising for?

Career advisement is for corporate professionals who are seeking support, accountability and professional direction on their next career move. Whether you’re currently employed and contemplating a change or already in transition, greyzone can steer you to career clarity, guiding you to make a conscious career choice that aligns with your background, interests and values.

Career Advisement Packages

greyzone offers career advisement packages for all stages or your job search and career. All career advisement sessions are recorded and come with an audio file from the call.

Career Exploration Process

Two one hour sessions  $475

Unsure of your next career move? Are ideas buzzing through your head but you lack focus? Perhaps you need a neutral party to brainstorm options – if so, this is the package for you!

  • A unique 360° feedback survey with your personal and professional community
  • Explore the results, identify themes and brainstorm career ideas, blending the practicality of what can be achieved based on the reality of your past
  • Develop an accountability plan of action
  • Schedule a Session »

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

$275 for first session$199 each additional session

Do you find yourself dreading Monday mornings? Have you been passed over for a promotion? Does everything seem like it should be perfect, but it just isn’t? This package is a great place to start.

  • Discovery based process to sort out pros/cons and find career clarity
  • Support to process through the chatter going through your head (rather than burdening friends/family) and find your focus.
  • Determine a course of action to start making intentional career decisions.
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Chart Your Job Search

most popular package $550 for first month
$299 each additional month

Looking for full support in your search? CYJS is greyzone’s Cadillac program with all the support you need to feel confident in your search. This package comes with unlimited quick phone calls (up to 10 minutes) and emails for advice and encouragement, cover letter/email review and weekly in-depth career-advisement planning sessions. Together we’ll:

  • Establish your job search focus, gaining clarity through your Dream Job Sketch creation
  • Ready your ToolKit: Resume critique (Additional resume edit rates may apply); Update your LinkedIn Profile and learn the etiquette and strategies of how to network on the platform
  • Develop a Job Search Strategy Plan and be held accountable to it
  • Process through the emotional side of the search, helping you craft tight stories around your career past and where you’re headed
  • Chart Your Search »


Job Search Audit

$425 Ninety minute session

Is your job search lacking traction? Thinking about starting a search but want to plan it out ahead of time? Consider a Job Search Audit to launch a thoughtful and thorough search.

  • Resume Critique + Resume Quick Edit
  • LinkedIn Profile Review + LinkedIn Tutorial
  • Cover Letter Suggestions
  • Job Search Strategy Review
  • Schedule an Audit »

Resume Re-Write

$299-$495 Standard – $795 Executive

Need to have your resume tuned up or overhauled? Work with a writer and editor who will deftly craft a document that shines!

Career Kick-off Kit

(for new graduates)

$425 90 minutes 

Ideally suited for a new graduate or someone just starting their career. This comprehensive package touches on all aspects of the job search, truly helping someone launch their career!

  • Resume Critique + Resume Quick Edit
  • LinkedIn Profile Review with LinkedIn Tutorial
  • Cover Letter Suggestions
  • Job Search Strategy Review
  • 30 Minute Interview Prep Session
  • Kick-off a Career »

Negotiate with Confidence


Congrats! You’ve received an offer, but now what? Gain confidence to enter into salary negotiations with the support of greyzone. Here’s what you can expect with this package.

  • Kick-off call to review the offer, boost your confidence and develop a plan and a script
  • Unlimited follow up calls/emails to see you through the process
  • Get Negotiation Confidence »

LinkedIn Tutorial

One hour session $275

You’re connected to more people than you think! See how in this in-depth session that teaches you how to use LinkedIn for maximum networking potential.

  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • In-depth training on how to network on LinkedIn
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Conversation Coaching

$275 for first session $199 each additional session

Need help preparing for a difficult conversation? Do you sometimes come across to others differently than you’d like? Craft your story through coaching. This is executive-level coaching on a mid-career professional’s budget. Schedule Coaching »

2017 Intentional Career Planner

$375 1 hour session + follow up

Chart your career plan for 2017! Kick off the New Year with a commitment to making intentional career choices. Perhaps your career is feeling stalled out? Were you passed over for a promotion? Do you want to make a change, but lack the inertia to get started? Let’s talk it through, explore new possibilities together and create an action plan to chart your year!

  • Complete Dream Job Assessment
  • Discuss current role, aspirations, receive guidance on navigating your political environment.
  • Support to process through the chatter going through your head (rather than burdening friends/family) and find your focus.
  • Determine a course of action to start making intentional career decisions.
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Choose a package and get started on a better career path!
Tami is an expert in her field and is amazing at helping people identify what they want and teaching them how to sell themselves to get it. Her blog is  a perfect example of the sound advice Tami gives. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is asking “what comes next in my career”? Gretchen S.

Senior Manager, Reporting & Analysis

Chart Your Job Search

Chart Your Job Search

Our most popular package supports you throughout your current job search and keeps you on course with ongoing mentoring.
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I felt like my resume could use professional editing, but was at a loss as to where to start. Tami Palmer was able to step in when I was most stressed, and begin making significant changes in a positive direction. Charlie V.

Director, Information Systems

Chart Your Job Search

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Tami was extremely responsive and was able to turnaround comments very quickly. This allowed me to get my resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter updated and used for jobs very quickly. Eric R.

Solutions Engineering Manager, Colorado

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