Is Your Job Search on Course?

Do any of these common sources of job search stress make you want to grab for a life preserver?

  • Why is no one responding to my application?
  • What should I wear to an interview at a coffee shop?
  • How do you network via LinkedIn?
  • Is this cover letter too wordy?

If any of these sound like questions you ask yourself, then perhaps it’s time for greyzone to throw you a life preserver and support you in your job search.

Chart Your Job Search from greyzone ensures that you never have to feel alone and isolated as you navigate the search process. Stop drifting and manage your search with direction through the support of greyzone!

Chart Your Job Search

$550 for first month / $299 for each additional month

Looking for full support in your search? CYJS is greyzone’s Cadillac program with all the support you need to feel confident in your search. This package comes with unlimited quick phone calls (up to 10 minutes) and emails for advice and encouragement, cover letter/email review and weekly in-depth career-advisement planning sessions. Together we’ll:

  • Establish your job search focus, gaining clarity through your Dream Job Sketch creation
  • Ready your ToolKit: Resume critique (Additional resume edit rates may apply); Update your LinkedIn Profile and learn the etiquette and strategies of how to network on the platform
  • Develop a Job Search Strategy Plan and be held accountable to it
  • Process through the emotional side of the search, helping you craft tight stories around your career past and where you’re headed


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